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3 Steps To Learn

3 Steps To Learn

We learn every day of our lives from the moment we are born. Yet, without realizing it, we have been employing at least one of the three stages of learning to acquire knowledge and grow as individuals: Reading, Working and Traveling. These stages can be taken progressively, where one step comes before the other, or individually where each is a complete learning methodology on its own. The editorial contains 3 Steps To Learn.

If you want to be a quick learner, it is essential to know which stage of learning you’re currently at and what steps to take next to advance to the following stages of learning.


Reading is a process of thinking and acknowledging. It allows the reader to use what they may already know, also called prior knowledge. During this information processing, the reader follows methods to understand what they are reading, uses themes to organize ideas, and textual clues to find the meanings of new words. Reading books and information helps to connect ideas and know the world. Therefore, reading newspapers, books, data, thesis, etc. are valuable sources to be knowledgeable. 


Doing continuous work and experiencing every situation at work will give anyone a learning process, even in a subconscious mind. Therefore, learning at work takes a key position when a policy for know-how is being made, and it must not be confused with traditional personnel training. The more you experience, the more you will learn. 


Last but not the least, when it comes to learning, there is nothing more enriching than traveling. Traveling means new foods, cultures, languages, people, and places to explore. It teaches you confidence, independence, and freedom. But, most importantly, it helps you to know the world. 

Learning has no boundaries, no age limits. Some people prefer reading to learn whereas others prefer some other way. Invent your learning way and develop yourself. 

Tasnia Farin

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