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ACCA Bangladesh Appointed Ms. Prawma Khan As Country Manager

ACCA Bangladesh Appointed Ms. Prawma Khan As Country Manager
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Ms. Prawma Khan has been made the Country Manager for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Bangladesh. She started her tenure on 1 July 2022, reads a recently issued official press release. Ms. Prawma completed her ACCA from Kaplan Financial UK. Before that, she studied finance at Dhaka University of Bangladesh. She also served as Head of Education and Acting Head of Member Affairs of ACCA Bangladesh before her new work responsibility. However, it is the first time an FCCA member has taken the role of Country Manager for ACCA Bangladesh. So, ACCA Bangladesh Appointed Ms. Prawma Khan As Country Manager.

However, prior to joining ACCA in 2014, she worked in the Accounting and Finance Department of various local and multinational organizations. She was also responsible as a part-time teacher at IUB and the London School of Business and Management. Ms. Prawma Khan expressed that she aims to take ACCA Bangladesh ahead by fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted to her.

ACCA Asia Pacific Director Mr. Pulkit Abrol said, ”In 2010, we established our first office in Bangladesh, and after 12 years, it’s inspiring to see how much the country has developed as well as its commendable achievements over the past decade in financial literacy, financial inclusion, digitization, and public sector reforms.”

He added, “As the world’s leading body for professional accountants, ACCA remains committed to building a community of professionals globally; who are competent in promoting stability, sustainability, and leveraging technology for business and economic growth across the world.”

Mr. Abrol also stated, ”We understand the pivotal role that ACCA professionals play in this regard, and as such, we have focused on the nation’s talent-building initiatives through developing an ecosystem of approved learning partners and employers and career support to our members and future members in the past years through Prawma’s leadership. He further said, “With that, I am excited to welcome Prawma to her new role as the Country Manager of ACCA Bangladesh. Her experience and local and international exposure are well suited to support this agenda and support our community in Bangladesh.”

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