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It’s Time For The Young Start-ups In Bangladesh

It's Time For The Young Start-ups In Bangladesh-theincap

While moving past the chaotic, crazy streets of Dhaka, you can’t help but notice problems everywhere. From traffic congestion to lack of waste management systems – problems in Dhaka come in all varieties and magnitudes. An ordinary citizen may choose to point his finger at the government. However, an entrepreneur is more likely to spot business opportunities.

Although the start-up ecosystem in Bangladesh is still nascent, we see some promising start-ups coming up with innovative products and services beyond our imagination only five years ago. The speed of innovation is changing the definition of “possible” every day, and even though some people think that the start-up culture is overhyped, I believe there’s light at the end of the tunnel of Bangladesh’s start-up ecosystem. New opportunities are creating gradually in the country.

A new innovation hub for young entrepreneurs from the IT sector is held at Bangabandhu Hi-Tech Park at Kaliakair in Gazipur of Bangladesh where young entrepreneurs in the IT sector will find a shared office or office space. At the same time, these young people will be connected with Venture Capital. Ethics Advanced Technology Limited (EATL) is building EATL Innovation Hub (EIHL) on 1.7 acres of land in Kaliakair Hi-Tech City.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen laid the foundation stone of the innovation hub on 24th November. At that time, he said,”Bangladesh is rich in human resources and water resources. If we can use these two resources, no one will be able to hold us back”.

On occasion, MA Mubin Khan, Managing Director, EIHL, said, “At this hub, we will be setting up four labs – Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Growth), Big Data, Quality Assurance, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. However, they mentioned that Chinese experts would come here who will train the youth so that they can become proficient in information technology and take part in the fourth industrial revolution. Executive Director of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Bikarna Kumar Ghosh, World Bank Senior Financial Specialist AKM Abdullah, Former Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister, and Chairman of EIHL Abdul Karim were present at the groundbreaking ceremony.

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