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James Webb Telescope Showed Jupiter Like Never Before

James Webb Telescope Showed Jupiter Like Never Before
Photo Courtesy: NASA

The world’s newest and biggest space telescope shows Jupiter as never before, auroras and all. Scientists released the shots on August 22, 2022, of the solar system’s most giant planet. The James Webb Space Telescope captured the photos in July, taking unprecedented scene of Jupiter’s northern and southern lights and swirling polar haze. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a storm big enough to swallow Earth, turned out brightly alongside countless smaller storms. The article contains James Webb Telescope Showed Jupiter Like Never Before.

One wide-field picture is theatrical, representing the faint rings around the planet, and two tiny moons against a glittering background of galaxies. Planetary astronomer Imke de Pater said, “We’ve never seen Jupiter like this. It’s all quite incredible.” But, she added, “We hadn’t expected it to be this good, to be honest.” The infrared pictures were artificially colored in blue, white, green, yellow, and orange, as per the U.S.-French research team, to create the features stand out.

NASA and the European Space Agency’s $10 billion successor to the Hubble Space Telescope rocketed away at the end of 2021 and has been observing the cosmos in the infrared since summer. Scientists hope to behold the dawn of the universe with Webb, peering back to when the first stars and galaxies formed 13.7 billion years ago. The observatory is positioned 1 million miles from Earth.

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