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Professional Icon: Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy

Professional Icon: Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy - theincap

Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy
Deputy General Manager
Head of Marketing
Rupayan Group

“We need to be the top in the market” and “How can we grow our business” are the most common jargon in almost all industries. However, while a company conveys its objective to serve their customer with the best product, service, or solution, generating revenue remains the core goal of business. So how can this goal be achieved? The undeniable method is reaching the right customers at the right time and place. And here comes the role of marketing. 

Regardless of the importance of other parts of a business, marketing is solely responsible for establishing relationships between customers and the organization offering to the market. With solid strategies and approaches, marketing can create a company’s stable position in the market. Whether a company is new or old, marketers aspire to generate confidence and trust on behalf of the company among the consumers, so they purchase goods from essential to luxury items. Nowadays, owning a house or apartment seems to fall into both a necessary and a luxury item. Rupayan Group’s glorious journey of 21+ years and through this journey they have fulfilled dreams of a lot of people by constructing apartments and commercial projects in Bangladesh.

Connecting the dots between the role of marketers and brand position in the market, let’s get acquainted with the exclusive interview with Mr. Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy. Please don’t miss a single word. Happy Reading!

The InCAP: As a Deputy General Manager, Mr. Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy, we are attentive to know your Departmental services.

Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy: Including Brand, Marketing, and media, we have 20 hardworking and enthusiastic people in our team who are working heart and soul for this company. 

How would you describe your leadership style at your workplace?

I believe that leadership is the most effective strategy to achieve positive outcomes. I also try to stay involved and encourage my team by demonstrating that I am actively helping them.

What’s your approach to delegating work to employees?

First of all, I define the task to the trained individual or team, explaining the importance of that work and how to make the outcome beneficial.

As we know, Rupayan Group has always made a sustainable platform to fulfill market demands and create customer satisfaction. What’s your comment on it?

The more customer needs you meet, the more you achieve as a business. To create a strong client base, our organization focuses on identifying and meeting what customers want.

Following the price hike of construction materials, what are the necessary steps taken by Rupayan Group in this care?

The use of traditional construction materials produces much waste. We use the Prefabrication method, which allows us to operate more effectively and reduce waste. There is no waste when using a prefabricated component for construction.

Experts suggested that the government should take the initiative to formulate suitable Policies, implement an appropriate land management system, and support real estate Investors to ensure affordable housing for all. Please share your opinion. Our projects are implemented by following the terms and conditions of Rajuk. And our different kinds of projects are made for different kinds of people. We also offer installments for moderate-income people and provide an easy loan system.

Mr. Tanmoy, what would be your advice for future candidates interested in making their career path in the real estate sector?

Like RMG and Agro, real estate is a large and prominent sector in Bangladesh. Not only that, it is making a considerable contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. The new ones will be able to develop more innovative projects in this sector. So I think the newcomers should join this sector and contribute to improving this sector more and more.

The InCAP: Thank you for your time!

Tanvir Ahasan Tanmoy: You are welcome. My warm wishes to The InCAP team and to the readers.

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