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Fashion & Profession: Dr. Raiatun Tehrin

Fashion & Profession: Dr. Raiatun Tehrin

Dr. Raiatun Tehrin
Public Health Specialist
Manager, Strategic Brand Management Department (SBMD)
Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

When it comes to writing an essay about “Aim in Life” or “What do you want to be in life,” none is left to write an essay or paragraph in their childhood. Some used to write to get a good mark, and some believed in becoming a doctor or helping humanity. 

A saying goes that “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is a lot of humanity there- suits those who dream of becoming a doctor and helping people, society, and even a country.” In the light of serving people with treatment for various diseases, the contribution is attributed to multiple areas of medical science, which are advancing every day. 

However, of all areas of medical science, the pharmaceutical industry plays the most significant role not only because the root of all the treatments is based on the pharmaceuticals, but there would be no role if there were no medicine. While the pharmaceutical industry is being blessed with constant development globally, Bangladesh is no exception where people may find most of their essential medicine thanks to the existence of companies like Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

As the company is thriving from every aspect, many are working relentlessly behind the scene, and Dr. Raiatun Tehrin, with the Capacity of Manager, Strategic Brand Management Department (SBMD), is one of the most prominent parts of the Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Being a multitalented person, Dr. Tehrin is on her way to becoming a role model in the pharmaceutical industry with the caliber she developed and the dream she cherishes. So let’s hear her journey:

The InCAP: Ms. Tehrin, would you please share a synopsis of your successful Medical & Marketing career?

Dr. Raiatun Tehrin: I am serving as the Capacity of Manager, Strategic Brand Management Department (SBMD) in Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Previously; I also served as Deputy Manager, SBMD in the same organization. The undersigned has completed my MBBS from Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, finished Master of Public Health (MPH) from North South University, and now I am doing Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). Before Inception in Navana, I served in The ACME Laboratories Ltd. & Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. So, I have around 12 years of successful Medical & Marketing Career. 

As a Capacity Manager of the Strategic Brand Management Department, please tell us about your organization and its services?

This is a pharmaceutical company concerned about medicine’s research, manufacturing, and marketing. The company is always concerned about the health of people, and the prevention and treatment of diseases as well as it participates in CSR activities for it. The collaboration with other health organizations has helped the company become one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we are exporting our medicines to more than ten countries all over the world which adds extra reputation to our company. 

Compared to advanced countries, where does Bangladesh stand in treating Female Hygiene Awareness?

Female health is always a concerning issue all over the world. In developing and underdeveloped countries, females suffer from malnutrition, anemia, reproductive health hazards, repeated childbirth, postpartum hemorrhage, and risky childbirth at home, impacting overall mortality and morbidity.

You are also aligned with the music industry. Recently, your song has been released on air on different channels. What influenced you to be a lyricist and Drama writer?

I belonged to and was raised in a family where my mother and father both are writers, authors, lyricists, and poets. Both were quite renowned journalists in Bangladesh. So the cultural exposure started in childhood that influenced me for a considerable time to get myself associated with the media industry.  

Highlights of Achievements, Merits, and Honor:

I achieved the PBN24 Best Young Corporate Leader Award, Bangladesh Excellence Public Health Promoter Award in 2021, and Tele Press Iconic Star Best TV Program Presenter 2022 for my professional performance. Top of the above, I am performing as a TV presenter, working at one of Bangladesh’s most reputed TV channels. In addition, I am also a renowned lyricist and drama writer.

Favorite brands: 

Watch – Tiffany & Co.

Sunglass – Gucci

Perfume – Coco Mademoiselle Chanel 

Phone – iPhone 

Prayer for the human civilization:

Combat poverty and hunger, tree plantation, peace and solidarity, gender equality, and promote vaccination and preventive medicine.

Your Skillset: 

For future leaders: education should be skillful. The future should be preset, develop yourself, improve communication skills, involve in extracurricular activities besides academic education. Give the effort to make a resume professionally, and face the interview on time.

The InCAP: Thank you for your precious time.

Dr. Raiatun Tehrin: Thanks for reaching out to me for the marvelous interview.

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