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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh 2023

Real Estate Companies Bangladesh

One of the basic human needs is housing. From time immemorial to the present time, the demand for human housing has been huge. Not just demand, every person’s dream is to have a luxurious house, duplex house, small flat, office and warehouse etc. to live a beautiful life.

The current structure of the real estate company is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Most of which were established after the independence of Bangladesh. Day by day Bangladesh is becoming heavily dependent on real estate companies.

Here is the ranking of the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh 2023.

Please Note: The InCAP offers this list of the Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh 2023. It’s an analysis of the International Corporate Association of Professionals (InCAP), so there is no opportunity for debate centering on this ranking.

10. Navana Real Estate (NREL)

Navana Real Estate Limited was established in 1996 by Chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam. It has to keep a connection with Navana Group. They are providing different features. They work on medium and high projects by targeting middle-income people based in Dhaka and Chittagong region. They started their journey with the motto of “Different, Definitive, and Dependable”. The projects of NREL are Navana Ornello, Navana Sun Drops, Navana Silverwood, and others.

From construction to power generation, aphorisms to mercantilism, Navana Realty is one of the top firms when it comes to engaging in diversified business and innovation. Navana Realty is known to endure strongly in the top firms in this country and has even been dubbed a Super Brand.

Phone: +88 09 4881 0225-9

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://navana-realestate.com/

09. Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd.

Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd. is the most trusted brand in the real estate sector of Bangladesh. Rupayan Group serves the nation and fulfills lots of people’s dreams and hopes by building high-quality residential and commercial establishments.

Rupayan Group’s glorious journey of 21 years and through this journey they fulfilled the dreams of a lot of people by constructing apartments and commercial projects in Bangladesh. We have successfully handed 144 projects, 4770 units and 7782747 square feet. This shows dedication and sincerity to the real estate industry and look forward to creating more so that the Rupayan group creates history in Bangladesh real estate sector.

Phone: +88 02 5881 4449, 09 6100 16504

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.rupayanhousingestateltd.com/

08. Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark is known for its range of real estate services. It is better defined as a client-oriented and reliable real estate service provider that one can turn to for renovation, renting, development, and other real estate services.

Anwar Landmark is oriented towards manufacturing building materials that produce unmatched building and construction materials for other real estate service providers to outsource.

The company has significantly contributed to the overall growth of the real estate niche in Bangladesh.

Phone: +88 09 6667 73322

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://anwarlandmark.com/

07. Bashundhara Housing

Bashundhara Housing Started its journey with the mission statement “For the people, for the country” in 1987 and with the name of Bashundhara. In a very short time, they have achieved success and so many experiences. They have completed so many big projects in different regions of the country. As far as an example we can say Bashundhara shopping mall. Gradually they received the trust of the people and made it the best real estate company in Bangladesh.

The brand rose to the ranks quickly, and it is today among the top ten real estate businesses in Bangladesh.

Phone: +88 09 61-21222-33

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://bashundharahousing.com/

06. Concord Real Estate Limited

Concord Real Estate Company is one of the largest real estate companies in Dhaka. It is also one of the oldest real estate companies in our country. They have been working in this industry for the last four decades and have completed a huge number of projects with success. They are mostly renowned because of building the largest amusement parks- the Fantasy Kingdom and Foy’s Lake. With residential and commercial buildings, they also worked on many infrastructure projects like airports and bridges.

The current chairman of the Concord Group is SM Kamaluddin. It is the oldest and largest real estate company famous it’s their quality, interior design, and creative structure.

Phone: +88 09 612-111444

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://concordrealestatebd.com/

05. Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd (AMFL)

Amin Mohammad Foundation briefly called AMFL is the sister of the Amin Muhammad group that was established in 1993 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mainly they provide their services on land selling and developing apartment projects in Dhaka, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, and Sylhet regions. Some of their running projects are Green Rest, Green Rowshanara Tower, Green City Regency, Evergreen Kamal, and others.

The company has about five thousand real estate properties and home plots successfully delivered to down-towners and Suburbans all over their priceless clients’ places, and the numbers only escalate.

Phone: +88 02 9124 538-42, +88 02 8155 101-5

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.amflbd.com/

04. Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd.

Sheltech (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the pioneers in the Real Estate and Housing Industry of Bangladesh. It was established in 1988, with a simple but heartfelt pledge to provide quality homes for the residents of Dhaka city. Now 35 years later, Sheltech has constructed over 3800 units (Residential and commercial) all around Dhaka city and has become a symbol of excellence in real estate.

The acting chairperson of Sheltech Company is Kutubuddin Ahmad a Mechanical Engineer. They have increased their business to many other sides. Sheltech Ayyan, Sheltech Astra, Sheltech Camellia, and many other projects in this company. This company is an ISO-certified company.

Phone: +88 09 6124 44333

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://sheltech-bd.com/

03. Shanta Holding Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holdings constructs luxurious apartments for residents of Bangladesh. It started its journey of growth in 1988 as a garment producer. Some of their best products include Mirzam, Sky Garden, The Sanctum, and more.

Given the assumption that real estate is not merely the creation of construction structures, but relevant Art, SHL is searching for extraordinary residential properties in addition to the ordinary ranges available. When SHL first began, it was recognized as the only dependable source offering the most innovative housing alternatives.

Their portfolios comprise the most avant-garde and inherently discriminating advancements in the nation. Alongside, a great deal of popularity in the real estate market and close-knit relationships with the most desirable partners give them the most competitive positions in the nation’s capital town.

Phone: +88 02 8878 759–68

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://shantaholdings.com/

02. Bay Development Ltd.

Bay Development Ltd has been in the industry for over 20 years in Bangladesh. The company deals with small-scale but high-end luxury apartments. So far, the company has completed over 20 residential spaces and six commercial spaces.

Beyond its technology bereavement and innovative techniques, Bay is proud of placing itself at the forefront as one of the first real estate firms to offer the new Early Design Involvement (EDI) process.

Their customers will take part in Early Design Involvement (EDI) in order to shape their desired property to their tastes.

Phone: +88 02 5505 1803

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://baydevelopments.com/

01. Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd. (BTI)

Building Technology & Ideas (BTI) is one of the pioneer real estate companies in Bangladesh. Established in 1984, it has been in the real estate business for over 37 years.

According to the Real Estate Housing Association of Bangladesh, Building Technologies and Ideas Ltd. is one of the ISO-certified company that is shortly called BTI Ltd. The company was founded in 1984 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They started their journey by setting up branches in Dhaka Mirpur and then Gulshan. Thereafter, they extended their branches in Chittagong and Comilla.

It is the most famous and oldest real estate company. They provide all types of apartment services including luxury, business, classic, standard, and all types of real estate services including corporate service, contractors, interior design, property rentals, etc. Every year, dozens of projects have successfully completed and under process. There is a 1200 number of employees. This company received international awards.

Phone: +88 09 6131 91919

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://btibd.com/

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